Why you should care about the Length of your Resume

When it comes to resumes, precise is the way to go. Yes, you’d want the prospective employer to know of all your achievements and accomplishments. But, how much of it is actually relevant to this job you are applying for?

resume style

Before we take a closer look at the case for different resume lengths and why it works, your resume needs to answer these 4 simple questions:

Who are you?

What relevant experience do you have?

Why are you motivated for this position?

How will you make an impact in your role?

What are your accomplishments and qualifications?

The expected length for a resume is 1 page, but if your experience requires it, then 2. Going more than 2 pages is not advisable unless you are asked to send a detailed resume highlighting every single thing you did, from school until now.

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Meanwhile, there are newer reports suggesting otherwise. A recent article stated that, “according to a study, it’s found that hiring managers are 2.3 times more prone to select a two-page resume format over the one-page resumes. No matter what the candidate’s professional level is, it doesn’t make a big difference.”

At the end of the day, any length can be argued for or against, so it really is up to you and how much you want the employer to know at a glance. If you are still in 2 minds in how to create a resume in the perfect length, you can utilize resume creators that do the job for you. All you must do is fill in your details.