Is a Job application letter a Formal letter

A job application letter is something you draft to send to a prospective employer; thus, it is a formal letter indeed. Even as an IT fresher, you have to make it precise and informative. No fluffy words and exaggerations are needed.

First things first

A well-versed job application letter will begin and end in just one page. You will summarize everything you have to within this page and conclude the letter with a CTA or, Call to Action.


The spacing in the letter

Your letter must be single-spaced with a space between every paragraph and a 1-inch margin with the text aligned to the left.

The fonts to use

Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri font should be used with a font size between 10 to 12 points.

Now, this might seem like a hassle to remember because you already have to think of the content and the sentences within the letter. This is where free Cover letter writing platforms like come into place. At our free Cover letter creation space, you can just fill in the details and we will handle the extra rules and norms that come with writing a formal fresher job application letter, right down to the words and full stops.

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