How long does it take for a Recruiter to see your application?

A recruiter takes exactly 6 days, 5 hours, and 2 minutes to respond to job applications you send to them.

Nope, that is not how it works. Even in the same organization, different hierarchies take different lengths of time to see and respond to your job applications.

It actually depends on the time and resources the organization has given for the job search, and if you do not receive immediate responses, do not take it personally. It was not about your resume profile summary. They are probably just short of staff.


There are stories of people getting a call from a recruiter saying they passed the interview about 6 months after the actual interview. By then, the person had taken a new job and settled into it well, and in this case, it is the recruiter’s loss.

If you are someone who simply needs to know the response, positive or not, so you can move on to the next prospect, the best thing you can do is call back in a couple of days after the first talk, or message them on LinkedIn. This would give you the peace of mind to make faster decisions.

Again, a delayed response is not a personal offence. Keep looking for careers of the future, keep sending job applications, and you will get responses for the job search in due time.