Finding jobs without Middlemen

You are on the lookout for a new job but are a bit wary about the thought of reaching out to headhunters and paying people to find you a job. The whole process sounds like paying a realtor to find you the perfect house, and with all that you have going on, paying someone to find you a job does seem like a risk.


What if we told you that you don’t need to pay middlemen to find you the perfect job?

This also means that you are on your own and need to do some work, buy, hey, that is better than shelling out extra cash for this.

Firstly, make a list of companies you want to work at, based on your industry and experience. The longer the list, the higher the chances of landing a job are. From big companies to medium ones and startups, jot all the names down. The list also includes the website and contact number. You are replacing an agent here, so you do not need to have too many details right off the bat.


Begin cold calling the companies. Speak to the HR about the opening you saw online, or about any they have at the moment. This personal touch is also appreciated by some companies, especially the smaller ones. And from here one, your charm and skills will take you the rest of the way, with no added cost!